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Top tips for solo travellers | Sailing Croatia on a Small-group trip with Horizon Sail

Sailing Croatia on a Small-group trip with Horizon Sail

While solo travel may seem daunting, most solo travellers will tell you that it’s the least lonely they have ever felt! We think that mixing up a solo trip with some group travel adventures is the perfect way to make friends and make the most of your time. Here are our top tips on how to have fun, be fearless and be free – especially when travelling in Croatia!

Stay connected

Naturally safety always comes first, especially when travelling. But being alone doesn’t mean being unsafe! The travelling community is amazing, and by engaging with it, you will be able to explore this big and beautiful world while staying safe and comfortable. 

Grab a local SIM card wherever you are. In Europe they are affordable and easy to find. In Croatia you can usually get a good deal SIM for around €10 at newsagent stands. Having the ability to stay in contact with friends and family at home, gain quick access to maps and directions, and of course exchange details and stay in contact with new travel friends is wonderful. Feeling connected is sometimes the best safety blanket we can ask for!

Speaking of phones, remember to put down your phone! In hostels and bars it is too easy these days to spend time scrolling through Instagram or Facebook, rather than being engaged in our surroundings and open to a conversation with a new friend. Once you learn to put your phone in your bag, you will suddenly become aware of how much other people are also on their phones! Sure, we all need to sit in the bar and use the wifi sometimes, but remember to put a limit on it, and don’t be too shy to say Hi to the person sitting across from you.

Money money money

Make sure you have plenty of ways to access money when travelling – we would recommend having at least three different ways. This ensures that you are never completely stuck, should the unthinkable situation happen of losing a wallet or having something stolen. Travel money cards can be brilliant, as they often come with a backup card which can be stored elsewhere. Keep a secondary debit or credit card hidden in the bottom of your large luggage, which can be used in an emergency. Obtaining a credit card before travelling is a great idea, as these are often the perfect safety net in emergency situations. Always remember to carry some local cash. In Croatia, for example, cash is king and many local bars are restaurants still do not accept cards and payment will be with the local payment of Kuna cash. There is, however, an abundance of ATMs in most places.

Top tips for solo travellers

Make some friends

Finally, stay in hostels! These days in Europe, backpacker hostels are built for ‘flashpackers’ with plenty of comfortable amenities, easy access to the main sights and attractions, helpful staff, and often excellent bars and nightlife options to meet new friends! Travelling with friends is fun, sure, but often you run the risk of remaining in your own ‘bubble’. Staying alone in a hostel full of strangers has to be one of the best character-building experiences you can undertake, pushing yourself into new social circles and growing your confidence. In Split, before or after your Horizon Sail trip, we recommend staying at Fiesta Siesta Hostel and make sure you go for a drink at the best backpacker bar in town, Charlies!

Why our trips are perfect for solo travellers

Horizon sail welcomes solo travellers, couples and groups of friends alike. Our trips are full of like minded individuals, with the same sense of adventure and drive to experience Croatia’s culture, history, food, nightlife and beauty. We pride ourselves on bringing diverse groups of people together for the week of their lives! Our Horizon Sail trip managers are there to not only lead the group but be a friend for the week.

So your friends can’t take the time off work to join you on the adventure of a lifetime sailing around Croatia? Then take the plunge, and do a solo trip with a week on a Horizon Sail trip – it could be the best decision of your life!