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Terms and Conditions

Booking Terms & Conditions

This document and all content of our website is Copyright © 2018 Horizon Sail Limited. All Rights Reserved. Last updated 28 July 2020.

1. Booking conditions

1.1 These terms and conditions (“Booking Conditions”) together with the General Information contained on our website www.horizon-sail.com, and our Privacy Notice (available on www.horizon-sail.com) are the basis of your contract with Horizon Sail Ltd (“Horizon Sail”).

Please read them carefully before accepting your respective rights and obligations.

1.2 This web document represents the entire agreement between the client and Horizon Sail, who is the tour operator.  Horizon Sail will be responsible to the client for supplying the services and accommodation as described at www.horizon-sail.com except where such services cannot be supplied (see ‘7 Unforeseen circumstances’).

1.3 By using www.horizon-sail.com you agree to be legally bound by these terms, which take effect immediately.

1.4 Horizon Sail reserves the right at any time to update, revise or modify these Booking Conditions as well as impose new or additional terms. All updates, modifications and new rules will be effective immediately and incorporated into these Booking Conditions. Horizon Sail will provide a more prominent notice or contact you by other means (including, for certain services, email notification of Privacy Notice changes).

2. Booking conditions

Temporary clause relating to Covid-19 pandemic until further notice:

All Horizon Sail trips from 6 May 2020 until 30 August 2020 have been cancelled by the operator due to the crisis of Covid-19. Until further notice all existing customers are eligible for a full reimbursement in the form of travel credit. The travel credit is valid to use until 30 September 2021 towards any departure departing before 10 October 2021 (subject to availability). Remaining travel credit available can be transferred to another customer upon the existing customer’s authority upon request to Horizon Sail.

Until further notice, new customers can request a ‘free trip voucher’ to reserve a space on any trip with Horizon Sail in 2021 and pay at a later date (subject to change or expire in line with any further Covid-19 crisis affects). A 20% deposit will be required no earlier than the 1st September 2020 (subject to extension in line with any further Covid-19 affects) and the remaining balance of the customer is payable no less than thirty (30) days before departure as per our regular terms and conditions and other restrictions may apply.

Until further notice, all existing or future trips booked for the season of 2021 will be flexible to change up to thirty (30) days before departure at no cost.

As per clause seven (7) under unforeseen circumstances, Horizon Sail reserves the right to change, amend or cancel any tour or offer and Horizon Sail cannot be held accountable and are not liable to pay compensation as such.

2.1 To confirm a booking, you you can book directly on the website through our secured payment site, or Horizon Sail will accept bookings made over the phone with our booking agents. Alternatively, if you have questions before booking you can complete our booking enquiry form and you will be emailed by a member of the Horizon team with your answers and instructions to book.

a) In order to reserve your tour, Horizon Sail requires a deposit of no less than 20% of total tour cost per person per tour, or the full amount payable if the booking is made within 30 days of your departure.

b) The deposit mentioned in clause (2.1a) is non-refundable.

2.2 Once we have received your booking and all appropriate payments (see Section 3) we will, subject to availability, confirm your booking by issuing a confirmation voucher and invoice via email.

2.3 Horizon Sail reserves the right to cancel the booking and apply cancellation charges should full payment not be received within the above specified periods (see Section 3).

2.4 Your successful payment of your deposit will also act as confirmation that you have read and agreed with these Terms & Booking Conditions.

2.5 Horizon Sail will allow up to five (5) working days to receive either full payment or a deposit payment (see clause 2.1a) to confirm your booking. If the payment isn’t received in the designated timeline mentioned above your booking will be cancelled.

2.6 Horizon Sail will accept payments either via our web payment platform (Paypal or Stripe) or bank transfer. We accept payment in GBP, EUR, USD, AUD and other major currencies. Prices displayed on our website are stated in EUR (www.horizon-sail.com).

2.7 Horizon Sail will require all booking transactions to be made in the same currency. Invoice with full amount due will be issued at the time of the booking.

3. Payment

3.1 In order to confirm your booking Horizon Sail must receive a deposit of no less than twenty percent (20%) of total balance.

a) Horizon Sail requires full payment of the balance due no later that thirty (30) days before departure.

3.2 Your booking will be confirmed when one hundred (100%) of full balance is paid to Horizon sail.

3.3. If Horizon Sail does not receive all payments due in full and on time, we are entitled to assume that you wish to cancel your booking. In this case we will be entitled to keep all deposits paid or due at that date.

3.4  If your booking is submitted less than thirty (30) days before designated tour departure Horizon Sail will require a full cost of the tour to be paid in order to confirm the booking.

3.5 Port & Tourist tax of up to thirty five (35) EUR per person is due to be paid at the end of your cruise in cash. This can be paid in EUR or local currency (HRK). This applies to all our customers.

4. Cancellation

4.1 Horizon Sail requires notice of cancellation to be sent via email to info@horizon-sail.com.

4.2 Your tour deposit of no less than twenty percent (20%) is non-refundable.

4.3 Period before departure within which written notification of cancellation is received by us, the cancellation charge per person cancelling is determined as the following:

a) 30-20 days before departure date – 50 % of full fare is forfeited.

b) 20-10 days before departure date – 75 % of full fare is forfeited.

c) 10-0 days before departure date – 100 % of full fare is forfeited.

4.4 Horizon Sail will process all refunds by the same method of payment made to Horizon Sail within ten (10) working days.

4.5 Horizon Sail will not be accountable for any fees or charges your bank might impose.

4.6 Horizon Sail will process refunds in the same currency the payment was received. Horizon sail will not be accountable for any currency exchange fees or rates your bank might impose.

5. Changing your booking

5.1 Horizon Sail will require a written request to info@horizon-sail.com if you wish to change the date of your booking. The request will be subject to availability. Horizon Sail reserves the right to refuse the request and treat it as a cancellation.

5.2 Horizon sail will charge a fee of fifty (50) GBP for the tour date change after revision of availability. If the change increases the value of the booking, the difference must be paid on top of the fee mentioned above.

6. Changes and cancellations by us

6.1 Horizon Sail reserves the right to change the ship categories and will advise customers accordingly via email.

6.2 Horizon sail reserves the right to dock in alternative ports that differ the itinerary posted on the website due to port overcrowding and events out of our control.

6.3 No refunds will be offered by Horizon sail in case of tour changes affected by events out of our control.

7. Unforeseen circumstances

7.1 Horizon Sail reserves the right to change, amend or cancel the tour itinerary due to unforeseen circumstances such as dangerous weather conditions, fire, natural disaster, war, civil unrest, terrorist activity, ‘act of God’ or other circumstances that might be deemed dangerous to Horizon Sail customers or employees. Horizon Sail cannot be held accountable and will not pay compensation as such.

7.2 Ship captains and vessel commanders reserve the right to change and amend itineraries in order to provide best safety and comfortable environment for Horizon sail customers and crew.

8. Your Eligibility

8.1 Horizon sail requires all customers to be eighteen (18) years of age or above at the time of trip departure.

8.2 Horizon Sail requires all customers to ensure they arrive at advertised departure points on time. If there are any delays that customers experience, you will be required to cover the cost of rejoining the tour.

8.3 Horizon Sail will not be responsible for death or personal injury suffered by you resulting in missing the tour departure.

8.4 Horizon Sail reserves the right to refuse to carry anyone if it is felt that the individual does not match the values represented by Horizon Sail.

8.5 Horizon Sail requires all customers to comply with the local laws at all times. Any illegal activity conducted by our customers will result in termination of the tour by the operator. This involves drug use, possession or distribution as well as acts of violence, both verbal and physical. Horizon Sail reserves the right to remove any customer at any point on the tour if the above described behaviour is practised.

8.6 Customers will require to independently walk across ships docked next to each other. Assistance can be offered. Customers will also be required to possess a reasonable amount of physical fitness to overcome some uphill terrain and walk independently in the destinations visited.

8.7 When booking is complete with Horizon Sail, you agree that you must comply with the rules and regulations on board.

8.8 If you in any way cause or are likely to cause danger, upset or distress to any third party or damage to property, we are entitled, without prior notice, to terminate your travel arrangements. Customers concerned will be required to leave the vessel or other service concerned. We will have no further responsibility toward them, including any return travel arrangements. No refunds or compensation will be made and we will not pay any expenses or costs incurred as a result of the termination.

8.9 You are responsible for looking after your personal belongings whilst travelling. The Operator cannot be held responsible for any personal belongings left behind or damaged on any tour irrespective of the circumstances.

8.10 It is your responsibility to have a valid passport and all necessary visas, permits and certificates on your person for your selected itinerary. The Operator will not allow you to travel if you do not have a valid visa for your destination. The Operator will not allow you to travel without a valid passport presented on check-in.

8.11 You are responsible for all travel arrangements and costs to/from the point of commencement/conclusion of the tour.

8.12 You are responsible for any costs incurred as a result of damage or excess cleaning fees related to your accommodation. You are advised to immediately report any pre-existing damage in your room to staff and/or a Horizon Sail Representative as soon as it is discovered.

9. Insurance

9.1 Horizon Sail does not cover any form of travel insurance for the customers. As well as any cancellation, personal injury, death, medical expenses, repatriation expenses and evacuation expenses.

9.2 Customers are required to purchase comprehensive insurance covering the instances in clause (9.1) and will be required to present this upon check-in for any optional excursions with third-party suppliers. Horizon Sail will not be held responsible for your failure to obtain appropriate insurance nor for any claims arising out of your engagement in optional excursions with third party operators.

9.3 You agree to indemnify us against all third-party claims, actions, damages and remedies which may be brought against us in respect of your participation in the tour.

9.4 Horizon Sail does not cover any type of insurance on the excursions we offer.

10. Ship rules and safety

10.1  You agree to comply with all the ship rules/laws presented to you by a Horizon Sail representative as well as the ship captain.

10.2 Passports are to be handed to the captain for registration on the first day of the cruise.

10.3 All our ships have passed adequate safety regulations and legal requirements to operate at sea.

10.4 Ship captain reserves the right to act in the best interest of safety and comfort of every person on the ship. This can include route change, mooring change and removing persons from the ship.

11. Special requests and medical requirements

11.1 If you have any special request, you must advise us in writing at the time of booking. Failure to meet any special request will not be a breach of contract on our part.

11.2  Horizon Sail will do their best to meet any dietary requirements customers might have.

11.3 All customers must ensure they are medically and physically fit for travel.

11.4 Horizon Sail does not employ medical personnel. Medical attention can be received at local facilities at the passenger’s expense. Horizon Sail is not responsible or liable for any losses or costs incurred as a result of medical services obtained while on tour, or for the quality of the care or services received.

11.5 Customers acknowledge that in some destinations medical attention and resources may be insufficient and transport to major ports may be required in order to obtain appropriate medical attention.

12. Local excursions and activities

12.1 Horizon Sail will provide you with information about activities and excursions which are available in the area you are visiting. They are provided by local operators or other third parties who operate entirely independent from Horizon Sail. They do not form any part of your contract with Horizon Sail even where Horizon Sail suggest particular operators or other third parties and/or assist you in booking such activities or excursions in any way. We cannot accept any liability on any basis in relation to such activities or excursions and the acceptance of liability contained in clause 9.2 and 9.3.

12.2 Customers acknowledge that they will be advised of third party excursions and their affiliated prices upon embarkation. Prices and departure times of excursions and activities can be subject to change.

13. Complaints

13.1 Should you have a complaint in respect of the tour, you should inform the Horizon Sail Trip Manager during the course of the tour and if the matter cannot be resolved after the representative’s best effort to do so during the tour, your complaint should be sent via email to Horizon Sail info@horizon-sail.com no later than fifteen (15) days after the completion of the tour. On the contrary, such complaints will not be taken in consideration.

13.2 Horizon Sail will be responding to all complaints within thirty (30) days of officially receiving them.

14. Your contract

14.1 A binding contract between us comes into existence when we dispatch our confirmation invoice and booking voucher. We both agree that English Law (and no other) will apply to your contract and to any dispute, claim or other matter of any description which arises between us.

15. Important note

15.1 Compensation will not be payable if we are found to cancel or in any way change your booking due to war, or threat of war, riots, civil commotion, industrial disputes, disaster, terrorist activities, technical or other problems with transportation, closure of airports or sea ports, alteration or cancellation of scheduled services. Horizon Sail will not reimburse any customer who changes, or does not utilise any part of the package arrangements which they have booked and paid for with this company.

16. Owner

16.1 Horizon Sail’s tours are operated by Horizon Sail Ltd.
28 Orchard Road, St Annes on Sea
Lancashire, FY8 1PF, UNITED KINGDOM.

16.2 The local operator of the Traditional category operating one way sail’s is M&B d.o.o., Porat 2, Supetar, 21400 CROATIA.

16.3 The local operator of the Premium category ships operating one way and round trip sail’s is Kantir d.o.o. Duće-Vavlje, Poljička cesta 5 , 21310 Omiš Croatia, Sc. Nikola 37, Jesenice, 21314 CROATIA.

Additional Terms and Conditions of the local operator may apply (details on request).

16.4 All our ship suppliers provide services according to the laws of the Republic of Croatia following the customer protection laws and health and safety regulations.