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Give yourself something to look forward to

When the time comes, booking a holiday will be a priority for so many people. It’s only natural to have ‘itchy feet’ while eagerly anticipating the return of travel! 

You will certainly deserve a beautiful escape, and what better place than Croatia’s blissful islands.

Blue skies, crystal clear waters, magnificent views and charming islands. A perfect combination to make unforgettable memories to last a lifetime, after what may have felt like a lifetime of uncertainty.

Due to the World’s current circumstances, we want to give you the opportunity to look forward to something incredible, without the need to plan ahead.

Let’s get excited to travel again!

You can now reserve your future sailing trip with us!

Get ahead, lock in your desired date if you have one with a free gift voucher (yes, no cost at all!) and our trusty team of Horizon experts will do the rest! You will receive your own personalised voucher as well as a special Horizon Pack filled with exciting tasters of what to expect on your future trip. You will also be first to hear about any newly confirmed dates and have ‘first dibs’ to book onto the departure of your choice.

To request your voucher today, visit one of our tours and select YES in the option provided.

Don’t miss the boat. Prepare to jump on board! Get in touch to request your FREE TRIP VOUCHER here, or request when booking.