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What is There to do in Split, Croatia?

Want to know what there is to do in Split, Croatia? Horizon Sail has you covered. Read our brief but informative guide. Plan your big Croatian adventure!
Take a Croatia Boat Trip

The Best Water Activities in Croatia

Discover the best water activities in Croatia with Horizon Sail! From relaxing boat trips to high-octane windsurfing, Croatia has it all! Find out more!
Reserve your future sailing trip for free!

Reserve your future sailing trip for free

Booking a holiday will be a priority for so many people. It’s only natural to have ‘itchy feet’ while eagerly anticipating the return of travel
Our environmental commitment

Your Horizon Sail Trip and Covid-19 in Croatia

We are doing everything we can to support our guests and take some of the pressures away during this uncertain time so find all updates here.

An introduction to Croatia

Croatia is made up of some of Europe’s most natural beauty; mountains, coasts, lakes, rivers, National Parks, rystal clear seas with amazing backdrops
Korcula: Massimo Fortress Cocktail Bar

Cocktail hopping around the Croatian islands

Each destination on your Horizon Sail trip has its own scenic quirks, whether it be amazing waterfront views or the ancient winding streets of the Old Towns.
Sailing Croatia on a Small-group trip with Horizon Sail

Top tips for solo travellers | Sailing Croatia on a Small-group trip with Horizon Sail

We think that mixing up a solo trip with some group travel adventures is the perfect way to make friends and make the most of your time.
Passengers enjoying a cocktail at Massimo Fortress Cocktail Bar in Korcula

A day in the life | Onboard with Horizon Sail on the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia

The coastline and islands offer spectacular views, with breathtaking mountain ranges, picturesque bays and what is surely Europe’s most crystal clear water.
Wandering the streets and bazaars of Mostar

A short trip to Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Travelling through the Balkans is like being tossed into a cultural blender and nowhere is that more true than in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
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