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Frequently Asked Questions

About the trip

What are the departure times and meeting points?

1 week sails:

Each tour begins with check-in on Saturday morning (premium experience) or Sunday morning (traditional experience) from 11:00am to 12:00pm.

Each tour ends the following Saturday (premium experience) or Sunday (traditional experience), after breakfast at 9:00am. You are able to depart earlier if you have a flight to catch.

3-4 night Short Breaks:

For Split departures, the tour begins with check-in between 11:00am and 12.00pm.

For Dubrovnik departures, the tour begins with check-in at 4:00pm.

Back to the Roots trips:

For Zagreb departures, the tour begins with check-in at 2:00pm.

For Dubrovnik departures, the tour begins with check-in between 11:00am and 12.00pm.

All tours:

The meeting point for Split Departures is at the Port of Split.

The meeting point for Dubrovnik departures is at the Port of Gruz.

The meeting point for Zagreb departures is at the Hotel advised upon booking.

What's the average age on trips?

Our tours are tailored towards the demographic of 25-45, however we welcome all like-minded travellers from across the world – we believe it’s a rich part of traveling to meet people from all walks of life.

What if I'm a solo traveller?

Travelling solo? As experienced travellers ourselves, we can’t encourage solo traveling enough! What better way to experience Croatia though, than with a boat full of new friends. Our tours are designed to bring our guests together whether you are traveling in a couple, group or solo.

Is it a ‘party boat’?

We certainly don’t base our tours around partying – there is far more to Croatia than the nightlife! We focus on showing our travellers some ‘hidden gem’ destinations and offer an itinerary which showcases the cultural and gastronomical delights of Croatia. In destinations boasting exceptional nightlife, of course we offer our travellers the option of a night out on the town.

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  • 7 nights accommodation onboard
  • Daily continental breakfast on board
  • Daily lunch on board (varied 3 course meals)
  • 1 x onboard dinner (Captain’s BBQ)
  • Your knowledgeable, English-speaking Horizon Sail trip manager
  • Local Captain, crew and chef on board
  • Local wine-tasting excursion in Stari Grad or Jelsa
  • Entrance to Mljet National Park
  • Water taxi to Port of Hvar (if applicable)
  • Bus transfer from Port to Old Town of Dubrovnik (on Go South)
  • Entrance to Club Revelin, Dubrovnik
  • Orientations of all destinations
  • Drinking water onboard

What is not included?

Travel insurance, airport transfers, meals not stated in the itinerary, tips for local guides and sailing crew, entrance fees to sights and museums, optional excursions and meals, 35 EURO port and tourist tax, and other services not stated in the itinerary.

What happens each day, and do I get free time?

Each day we will set sail early morning (usually around 7am while you are asleep), and breakfast will be served from 8:30-9:30am.

We have at least one swim stop each day, usually around lunch time, which is served around 1pm each day. There is plenty of time to enjoy chilling on deck before we dock.

Usually, we dock mid-afternoon, where your Horizon Sail trip manager will offer you an orientation walk, showing you any highlights and things to do. If there is an excursion organised, your trip manager will coordinate this. There is usually plenty of time to explore at your own pace before meeting for optional group dinners and drinks in the evenings.

Do we get to spend time in the departure city?

You will see in the itinerary that on day one of each trip we depart immediately from Split or Dubrovnik. If you wish to spend some time exploring the departure city, we suggest that you arrive a day or two before the trip begins.

Are there optional excursions?

If you want to get the most out of your week, we have some great optional excursions available.
We already provide you with a free ticket into Mljet National Park, and when inside the park you can choose to hire bicycles (60 Kuna) or kayaks (100 Kuna).
We offer an extra on board Captains Dinner on the penultimate night (150 Kuna, 3 course meal with wine).
In Dubrovnik we offer a Game Of Thrones tour (150 Kuna) and you can choose to walk the famous City Walls (200 Kuna).

What if I have catering and dietary requirements?

Our local chef is able to cater to all special dietary requirements. Be sure to let us know when making a booking, or let your Horizon Sail trip manager know at check-in.

If you want to check beforehand, drop us a line at info@horizon-sail.com

Can I BYO (bring your own) alcohol?

No outside alcohol is allowed on the ship. As the ship is a licensed bar, all drinks can be bought onboard. If we don’t have your favourite beverage, no problem! Just let our crew know and they will do their best to get your favourite drink at the next port.

What should I budget?

Generally Croatia is quite affordable, and not too much money needs to be spent during the week if you don’t want to. The restaurants we recommend are mostly priced from €8-20 for a meal. On optional nights out, your Horizon Sail trip manager arranges free entry and drink specials at bars.

The boat bar has Happy Hours each evening, where discounted drinks are available. A bar tab is run for each passenger and this is paid in cash at the end of the week. You can check this at any time to keep track of your spending.

Should I tip?

It is customary to tip for service in Croatia. In restaurants, an average tip is 10% of the bill.

It is entirely up to you if you decide to tip your Horizon Sail crew. This is not expected but always appreciated. You will see that all of our crew pride themselves on going above and beyond to ensure you have the best week at sea. There is the opportunity to show your gratitude at the end of the week. While tipping is a completely personal choice, the guideline of €10-15 per crew member for the week can be used.

What should I pack?

There is space in each cabin for both guests to bring a regular-large suitcase or backpack recommended max. 25kgs and one piece of hand luggage. There is even a small cupboard to hang out some of those wrinkled clothes. Remember bags must be carried on and off the boat, so you don’t want it to be too heavy.

Everyone is different, but here is our list of essentials to get you started …

  • Swimwear – you will live in this!
  • Comfortable walking shoes or sandals – no need for high heels in Croatia!
  • Sneakers/closed shoes
  • Light jacket – although usually warm, you should bring a light jacket in case of a cool evening
  • Evening outfits – while the dress code is always casual, it’s a good idea to have something nicer for a night club or dinner out
  • Towel – while bath towels are provided onboard, you will need to bring your own beach towel
  • Your own toiletries and sunscreen – these are not provided on board
  • Travel Adaptor – All appliances require a EU pin plug (220 volts)
  • Inflatable water toys – these are available at markets in Croatia
  • Portable speakers
  • Beach bag – sometimes this is handy if taking a walk to a beach or around the national park
    Medicines – Come prepared, especially if you suffer from motion sickness

Most importantly, don’t forget …

  • Your passport!
    Student ID (for discounts)
    Trip documents
    Travel insurance details
    Credit cards, cash, and backup options
    Print-outs of all important details

About travelling to Croatia

Do I need travel insurance?

We strongly advise that you purchase comprehensive travel insurance before making final payment for the tour. If you need assistance in choosing a provider, feel free to contact us for our recommendations.

What currency should I bring?

Croatia’s official currency is the Croatian Kuna (HRK). In Croatia, cash is king, and many shops, bars and restaurants do not accept card payments. You will find that some shops will accept Euro, however most of the time it is best to be cashed up with Kuna.

ATMs are readily available around all of our destinations, and currency exchange offices are available in the centre of all the major destinations we visit.

Our boats do not have card payment facilities, and all bar tab payments are made in Croatian Kuna.

What language is spoken in Croatia?

Croatian is the national language, part of the South-Slavic group of languages. These days, however, English is widely spoken.

Do I need a visa?

Most visitors do not require a visa to visit Croatia, which is a part of the EU.  However, we recommend you check this with your own passport country of issue, as it is your responsibility to have the necessary documents for travel to any country.

How best to get in and out of Croatia?


Split is the most common arrival point, and is a main hub for access to the Dalmatian islands.

From the airport, there is a regular shuttle bus which takes approximately 45 minutes to the main Bus Station at the Port of Split (cost 40 Kuna / 5 Euro). Alternatively a Taxi will take approximately 30 minutes (350-400 kuna / 40-50 Euro)


Dubrovnik Airport can be a convenient arrival point to Croatia. There is a regular airport bus which takes approximately 45 minutes to the Old Town or Port of Gruz (cost 50 Kuna / 7 Euro). A taxi to Dubrovnik airport will also take approximately 30 minutes (250-300 Kuna / 35-40 Euro).

Dubrovnik is approximately a 4 hour bus journey from Split.

Zadar is another alternative, and is approximately a two hour bus journey to Split.

Is there luggage storage?

Dubrovnik port:

The nearest luggage storage is the Travel Corner (Obala Stjepana Radića 40). The rate is roughly 50 Kuna per bag per day and 150 Kuna per week.

Split port:

Luggage storage is to be found across the street from the port, where ships are docked. Approximately half-way between the bus station and the post office. The rate is roughly 15 Kuna per bag per day.

What is the weather like?

Generally, you will be welcomed with blue skies and beaming sunshine during the summer months of June, July and August. Over the summer, average temperatures range from 24-35C, with water temperatures of 22-26C. Of course, weather is unpredictable and occasionally we experience summer storms or high winds. In the event of poor weather, the captain has the right to alter the itinerary at his discretion.

Where should I stay before or after my trip?

If you are in Split or Dubrovnik for a night or few days before the tour commences, there are many lovely places to stay before the tour. We recommend booking a local apartment or B&B, otherwise there is an abundance of hotel and hostel options. We recommend booking in advance during the summer months.

About booking and payment

What are the booking and payment options?

Bookings can be made via our website booking engine by following the simple steps.

Otherwise, booking enquiries can be made via our online form, and one of our friendly team will get straight back to you with information on availability, fares, discounts and payment options.

To lock in your spot on an available departure, a Horizon Sail team member will take all the necessary details as well as a deposit for the trip, and you will be locked in and good to go!

When confirming a booking, you have the option to make a deposit, and pay the full amount later. A non-refundable deposit of 50%  per person must be paid to secure your spot on the tour. After that, you just need to make final payment by the due date outlined in your booking statement.

Payment to Horizon Sail can be made easily by Bank transfer, or Credit or Debit card through our secure online payment link. Along with your booking confirmation and invoice, this payment link will be emailed through to you once you have completed your booking.

What is the port tax?

Port taxes are charged by each ship as a local cash payment. This payment of 35 EUR is charged to each passenger at the end of the week and can be paid in Euro or Kuna.

About the ships

How many guests are on each ship?

It ranges from a maximum capacity of 22-40 guests per ship.

Is there WiFi and power?

You will have access to power points in each room onboard, as well as in common areas. Everywhere in Croatia and almost in all of Europe, standard European sockets are used (Type F) – 2 pins, grounded, 16 A, 220 V. Socket is compatible with plug types C, E & F. If you require multiple sockets in your cabin please bring a multi-plug extension.

WiFi is available on all ships, but keep in mind that this is not always a reliable connection while sailing at sea. Local travel SIM cards are good value, and easy to purchase at ‘Tisak’ newsagent stands for around 10 Euro.

Is there a bar?

Each boat has a licensed bar with a range of beer, wines, spirits, cocktails and soft drinks. As it is a licensed bar, no outside drinks can be brought on board. If we don’t have your favourite beverage, no problem! Just let our crew know and they will do their best to get your favourite drink at the next port.

All onboard drinks are recorded on your bar tab, and this is paid in cash at the end of the week.

What are the sailing hours like?

Each day we sail for around 2-5 hours, taking in the beauty of the Dalmatian Coast along the way. This does not include the swimming time each day – of which there will be plenty!

What are the bathrooms and amenities like?

On our traditional category ship there are three on-deck showers and toilets. This means that each bathroom is usually shared between six people. Bathrooms are kept clean and stocked up by crew members at all times.

On the premuim cruiser ships, each cabin has its own en-suite bathroom.

What is the difference between below-deck and on-deck cabins?

All cabins on the traditional ship are below-deck.

On the premium category ship, guests have the option of a below deck or above deck cabin. Above deck cabins can be situated on the main deck (the deck which you step on to as you embark the ship ). Cabins below-deck are actually in the hull of the ship. The advantage of cabins situated above deck is the direct exit to the sea and more fresh air, while below deck cabins are usually quieter (as only fellow passengers who booked below deck cabins will pass by) and comfortable because they’re situated at a sea level which chills the cabins. Below deck cabins mostly have little portholes.

Are linen and towels provided?

Yes – set of sheets, blanket and pillows are provided, as well as a bath towel.

It is best to bring your own beach towel for the week.

Do the ships have air conditioning?

Our premium category cabins feature air conditioning in every room.

The traditional ship cabins have centralised air conditioning available.

How often do we dock?

The ships dock every afternoon at the main port of each town, and we remain docked there until we set sail in the morning. You will always be close to the sights. Each morning we depart early, around 7am.

What if I experience seasickness?

Sailing during the peak of summer means that we don’t often encounter bad weather. However, weather is of course unpredictable and occasionally we experience summer storms or high winds. In the event of poor weather, the captain will alter the itinerary at his discretion, with the safety and comfort of all guests being the primary concern.

Mostly, the Adriatic Sea is very calm, and most people do not experience sea-sickness. However, if you suffer from motion sickness it is best to be prepared and make sure you have some sea-sickness or ginger tablets before you get onboard.