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An introduction to Croatia

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A short insight into Croatia.

Croatia is made up of some of Europe’s most natural beauty; mountains, coasts, lakes, rivers and National Parks. The crystal clear seas with cliff backdrops give you constant panoramic picturesque views.

With a total of 8 National Parks and 11 Nature Parks, Croatia has one of the highest amounts per capita. Some are recognized by UNESCO and part of the country’s 7 protected World Heritage Sites.

Before or after sailing across the Adriatic Sea on a trip with Horizon Sail, many guests will enjoy a day at Krka National Park. Spend your day plunging into crisp waters of the lakes with beautifully overpowering waterfalls standing tall in the background.

Another natural phenomenon is Plitvice Lakes, a natural lakes reserve around 1.5 hours from the capital city of Zagreb. (Check out our blogs ‘Your overnight trip to Plitvice National Park‘ and ‘The ultimate trip out of Split Krka Waterfalls‘).

As well as the never ending extraordinary beauty, Croatia has an array of cuisine mixes, coming from its numerous historic influences across the years. Olive oils and wines deriving from Ancient Greeks, spices from the Turks, hearty dishes from Austrians. Most noticeably a large amount of Croatian cuisine derives from the Italians. In fact some say Croatian pizza rivals the world renowned Italian slice!

The climate across Croatia slightly varies as you get closer to the Adriatic Sea, with the peak of the summer in the Southern region reaching over 35 degrees Celsius. Over the coldest months during Christmas and New Year, Northern Croatia could find itself 2 metres deep in snow.

The summer season is extremely important to locals; tourism is a huge input to the economy. Croatia is bursting with tourism during the seasonal months. Each year more and more people from all over the world are choosing to visit this beautiful part of the Balkan region.

It certainly has had its difficulties to gain such status for holiday makers. It is incredible to see how far tourism has come on since the 1990’s Croatian War of Independence. Boasting about this country will come naturally to you once you have visited and seen it for yourself!

The Adriatic Sea is the purest in Europe according to the European Commission and can be considered one of the most beautiful locations in the world, especially down the Dalmatian coast. One of the most blissful parts of sailing around Croatia is anchoring for daily swim spots in secluded bays. Dive into the clearest water with the most stunning surroundings.

Any Game of Thrones fans will know we are referring to the country of King’s Landing (See our blog ‘Dubrovnik or King’s Landing?‘). It’s no surprise that one of the countries UNESCO World Heritage sites could act as this medieval royal city so well. It’s own historic presence and fortified walls make it a popular filming spot. Star Wars Episode 8 and Robin Hood are also among well known movies to have been filmed in Dubrovnik.

Horizon Sail takes pride in showcasing the most incredible spots of Croatia during your sailing trip while enlightening guests on Croatia’s turbulent history and extraordinary traditions. By day, soak up the sun while sailing, take in the picturesque views, explore the culture and revel in history. At night, feast on world influenced cuisine, taste exquisite local wine, experience nightlife and toast to striking sunsets. Horizon provides the absolute best Croatia tours!

So get your camera and favourite book at the ready for perfectly mixed week of zen and adventure with Horizon Sail in Croatia!