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24 February 19

Keeping Croatia and the Adriatic Sea clean

Beach Drone Aerial of Horizon Sail ship at anchor

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Keep Croatia beautiful

Here at Horizon Sail we understand that it’s important to consider environmental issues to preserve the pristine coastline that Croatia offers its visitors! Not only this, but our footprint can also have an impact on the outstanding natural beauty in Croatia’s National Parks and Nature Parks which are equally as stunning as the coastline! The locals are very aware of this – their national anthem is entitled ‘Lijepa naša domovino’, which in English translates to ‘Our Beautiful Homeland’. We believe there are a few initiatives we can all participate in to keep Croatia beautiful, the locals happy and like you, allowing our future generations to enjoy Croatia.

Plastic Consumption

At the time of writing, it is conservatively estimated that 8 million tonnes of plastic end up in our ocean each year! To put that into perspective, that equates to 16 shopping bags full of plastic for every metre of coastline around the world (excluding Antarctica). Many of you would also have heard of the ‘Great Pacific Garbage Patch’ which is estimated to be about 79,000 tons of floating plastic in the Pacific Ocean – roughly three times the size of the country of France. These figures are astounding. It might almost seem futile to think that we at Horizon Sail and you our travellers can make a difference, but we firmly believe that every little bit helps.

No more plastic straws!

That’s why we have teamed up with our ship owners, captains and crews to be one of the few companies in Croatia to limit the use of plastic straws in beverages. Whilst your cocktail might not look as pretty, the environment will thank you! With over ten years of experience between us in Croatian tourism we also see the wastage of plastic water bottles on the boats – that’s why on each of our ships there will be reusable water dispensers onboard.

Environmentally-Friendly Products

If you’re lucky enough on one of our Horizon Sail trips you may see dolphins playing at the front of the ship as we sail towards our new destination for the afternoon. At the very least you’ll see an abundance of fish as we dock in each harbour and you’ll certainly need to keep an eye out for sea urchins if you go swimming near any rocky coastline. In order to keep these sea-creatures happy we can consider the use of environmentally friendly shampoos and soaps which don’t harm marine life. Also as your Horizon Sail representative will let you know on day one of your Split to Dubrovnik or Dubrovnik to Split sail, don’t flush anything down the toilet other than toilet paper to keep the marine life unaffected.

Safe and Sustainable Seafood Choices

We believe that Croatia has some of the best seafood options available in the world to rival Japan, Finland and even Portugal! At Horizon Sail we ensure that if fish is ever served for  lunches or dinners on board that it has been sustainably sourced. In Croatia we are incredibly lucky with local seafood markets a common sight in most port towns which ensures not only freshness but limits the commercial fishing from occurring.

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