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18 February 19

Biokovo Nature Park | A day trip to the Makarska Riviera

The view from Sv Jure at Biokovo Nature Park Croatia

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Biokovo Nature Park

Biokovo Nature Park, making up Croatia’s second-highest mountain range, is not only a spectacular sight to behold but is also an easy day trip from Split. A visit to Biokovo is perfect for nature lovers, hiking pros, or anyone who appreciates the sensational view over the surrounding islands and beaches.

Biokovo sits right above the Makarska Riviera, and the view of the mountains rising almost vertically from the sea make for some really special photos. It forms the backdrop on almost all postcards from the area, but equally impressive is experiencing the view from the peaks above. From the tallest peak of Sveti Jure (Saint George) at 1762 metres, you can see almost all of the south Dalmatian islands, and Bosnia and Herzegovina looks as though it is simply a stones-throw away.

The view from Sv Jure at Biokovo Nature Park Croatia

The view from Sv. Jure looking over Biokovo Nature Park

Plenty to do and see

From the seaside, these dramatic limestone mountains appear rocky and arid, but do not be fooled, as they are actually home to ancient pine and beech forests, sinkholes, caves and ice pits. The park is abundant in wildlife, with around 1,500 species of flora and fauna. For this reason Biokovo Nature Park has been a protected area since 1981. Keep your eyes open for the shepherd’s houses and plots of fertile land up in the mountains which are still farmed today by local families. Generations ago, owning one of these plots was a real sign of wealth to those living in these coastal communities. Another thing to look out for is the monument to the victims of WWII, as local forces took shelter and fought against fascists from these mountains during the war.

There are more than forty different hiking trails through the park, as well as numerous peaks, lookouts and cycling routes. It is important to be aware that hiking this area can be tough, with wild terrain and quickly changing weather. Temperatures and wind speeds can differ greatly to those at sea level, so be sure to take warm clothes, plenty of water, and advise somebody of the route you plan to take. The park ticket office has maps which mark out the trails available.

Getting there

The best way to experience Biokovo is by car. There are car rental offices in Makarska, or from Split you can make the most of your day with an enjoyable drive down the coast. Alternatively, there are regular busses making the two-hour journey to Makarska, the gateway to Biokovo, for around 50 HRK each way. Entrance to the Biokovo Nature Park is 50 HRK per person, but check the park website for updates before beginning your journey.

If you are wondering how to fill in that extra day at the beginning or end of your Horizon Sail Go North or Go South sail, then this might be the trip for you!

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